ABM Power Services

Most businesses critically rely on a dependable power system; safely and effectively managing your electric distributions strengthens facilities for years to come. Investing in a well-made and proactive maintenance system improves reliability, increases equipment uptime, enhances safety, lowers operation costs, and prevents unexpected failure.

Mitigate Your Risk with our Electrical Asset Management Program

Through our Electrical Asset Management Program, ABM specializes in managing the life cycle of your electrical distribution system to help you mitigate your risk. We also offer the proper safety training necessary to ensure the safety of your employees.

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Design & Startup

Guaranteed confidence that your new equipment is installed properly and will function as designed.


Rest assured that your system will reliably and safely function to ensure your operations remain productive.

Modernization & Decommissioning

Establish long-term plans to keep your equipment as safe and serviceable as the day it was installed.

ABM Solutions Include

Abm Solutions
Arc Fault/Flash Prevention & Mitigation
Abm Solutions
Customized Training, Testing, & Maintenance Programs
Abm Solutions
Reliability Testing & Predictive Maintenance
Abm Solutions
Electrical Protective Equipment (EPE) Testing
Abm Solutions
Electrical Power System Vulnerability & Facility System Risk Assessments
Abm Solutions
Life Extension & Overhaul Services
Abm Solutions
Standby & Emergency Generator Services
Abm Solutions
Remote Monitoring & Energy Audits

Safety is in our Roots

In 1972, we played an instrumental role in founding the InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA). Today, the NETA is the developing organization for the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). ABM proudly remains NETA accredited.

Mitigate Your Arc Flash Risk

<p>In 2012, electrical workplace hazards occupied 3 of the top 10 spots for which OSHA assessed the highest penalties. Compliance with NFPA 70E saves you from such a consequence.</p>

ABM performs NFPA 70E Arc Flash Hazard Analysis and Training

Case Studies

We complete in-house Arc Flash Hazard Analysis including coordination studies, short circuit analysis, labels and training.

Case Studies

Your complete analysis includes:

  • Updated one-line drawings
  • Coordination study
  • Short circuit analysis
  • Arc flash hazard analysis
  • Arc flash labels applied to all equipment
Case Studies

We finish each analysis with recommendations for mitigating hazards and an outline for a continuous change management program.

Arc Flash Training by the Industries Leading Experts

Arc Flash Compliance Training

An in-house safety training designed to help you deem your employees and contracted services personnel to be compliant under NFPA 70E and OSHA standards.

Safety Training and Label Installation

Consists of arc flash label installation and training based upon the requirements associated with each label.

In-House Training

Specialized training for your field support team tailored to your specific gear. We can also develop and provide this training as a package for new hires.


Find out how ABM can help you.

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